8 Yummy Halal Places to Eat in Leicester Square London

Want to find the best halal places to eat in Leicester Square London? You’ve knocked at the right door. There are many cool things to do in Leicester Square and around the very center of the city, and eating great halal food is one of them. These Yummy Halal Restaurants Leicester Square edition are part of my huge series of halal restaurants in Central London – in case you have missed them, I have already listed for you the best halal places to eat in Covent Garden, as well as the best Indian halal restaurants in London, and the top Thai halal restaurants.

Oh, and I have written about the most romantic restaurants in London for you too – with vegan and halal options, of course. I don’t see why everybody couldn’t be included; we all love going out to the best restaurants in London, don’t we? It’s only normal that I should keep going with this series of the best halal places to eat in Central London that you guys seem to really enjoy.

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8 Top Halal Places To Eat Leicester Square (For a Romantic Date – Or Not)

Photo: P.F. Chang’s Asian Table

I’m not only a sucker for food and finding the best places to eat in London. I’m also very big on finding the best budget things to see and do in the city, and I think you should be able to enjoy my greatest finds. So keep reading, I’ve found the best halal restaurants Leicester Square, and I’m about to share the best diners, lounges, Indian restaurants, Asian halal food, and even a Michelin star halal restaurant in this list today.

When you’ve got a nice discount ticket for a play from a Leicester Square ticket booth and are looking for cool places to eat before the show, those halal restaurants might be your stomach’s lifesaver.

I would have loved to include Halal Food Guys here, but this halal diner London shut its Leicester Square doors a few months ago. Still, if you’ve typed “best halal steakhouse near me” and you’ve met me here today, you’ll soon understand why. I have a great option, which is also one of the most romantic London restaurants for date night. Enough rambling – let’s dive into it!

1. Best Halal Steakhouse in Leicester Square: Steak & Co.

If “halal steak restaurant near me Leicester Square” brought you here, I am happy that you’re about to discover Steak and Co. It’s not a fully halal restaurant in Leicester Square, but they do have a halal menu that you can enjoy. Finally, endless meat at a Central London steak restaurant.

When I travel with practicing Muslim people, especially in the heart of the city, we often want to stop in the most touristic places. I personally prefer non touristy things in London, but hey, when you’re a tourist, you’re a tourist. I’ve talked about halal restaurants in Covent Garden already, and just because you want to find a restaurant in Leicester Square doesn’t mean you’re okay with being ripped off for some cheap-tasting food.

The halal steak restaurant is located right there, off Leicester Square. The meats are juicy and fulfilling, everything you’d expect from a good steakhouse. You know by now just how big on detail I am – whether I’m eating in Shoreditch, Liverpool Street, or Leicester Square, I expect nothing but quality when I splurge.

That’s a really nice romantic restaurant in London where the food, the service, the atmosphere are lively and high-end – but still affordable compared to other restaurants on Leicester Square.

PS. The deep-fried ravioli and the aubergine and gorgonzola lasagne are a must-try, and even a great option even if Steak and Co is not a vegetarian nor vegan restaurant.

Steak and Co Steakhouse London Address: 3-5 Charing Cross Road Leicester Square, London WC2H 0HA


2. Rasa Sayang: Best Asian Halal Restaurant near Leicester Square & Soho

Rasa Sayang used to be one of the top halal places to eat near Leicester Square and Soho, but they’ve decided to relocate to Chinatown this year. Still, it’s a stone’s throw away and well, it remains one of the best Asian restaurants in Central London.

Not only is the food absolutely delicious in this bustling restaurant, but you’ll get a taste of Malaysia and Singapore all rolled into one. If you’re the type of person who would go to Benares London or Dishoom to get lost in another culture, well, Rasa Sayang is seemingly made for you.

When looking for the best halal places to eat Leicester Square, you can sometimes get tired of just burgers. I know Shake Shack offers burgers with halal chicken, but like, burgers? Again? I’m saying that, but I have included some halal burger places to eat in Leicester Square in this list. After all, we love the variety, and that’s what I want to share today.

As far as Rasa Sayang goes, I love the variety of spices blended into each plate. It’s always very interesting to see just how magical Asian cuisine in London is, and I am very grateful for how diverse the city is when it comes to food – especially vegan and halal.

So yes, for the best halal food near Leicester Square, Soho, and Chinatown, I strongly recommend Rasa Sayang. Don’t be put off by the fact that maybe, you don’t know any of the dishes. Everything on the menu is delicious. The roast duck, especially, is enough to make it one of the best halal restaurants in Central London (am I saying this because duck is my favorite meat?). Don’t trust me – trust your tastebuds.

Rasa Sayang London Address: 15 Frith Street, Soho London, W1D 4RE


3. Souk Bazaar: Best Halal Places to Eat Leicester Square

When I’m abroad, I’m always looking for Arab-type, Middle Eastern, and North African halal restaurants. Especially in London, the Arab community is quite spread and I have to admit that I love it. Maybe this stems from the fact that I am half Moroccan, and that I miss my mom’s food.

If you’re in the same case like me, Souk Bazaar should calm you down for a while. I feel like it’s one of the best romantic halal restaurants in London if you want to discover something new, tasty, juicy, with never-before-tried spices. The restaurant is HMC certified; everything on the menu is halal – in the very heart of London.

I can never stay away from Moroccan and North African halal restaurants in London for too long. They just feel like a home away from home, and with this halal restaurant Leicester Square, well, what can I say? The staff is super friendly, the halal food is authentic and everything from the grilled chops to the veggies follows the unspoken rules of Moroccan cuisine. If you’re vegetarian or vegan, there are also some options there for you. What more could you possibly want?

Oh, and the decor will take you on a one-way trip to Morocco – you’ll see.

Souk Bazaar Halal Restaurant Leicester Square: 27 Litchfield Street, London WC2H 9NJ

4. Siirgista Bros: Best Halal Burger Places in London

Photo: UberEats

Ah, if you were looking for the best halal places to eat Leicester Square in the shape of a diner, Siirgista Bros is your spot.

It’s definitely one of the top halal places to eat in Leicester Square, with its big, fat burgers and crunchy, delicate fries. It’s almost the type of halal fast food that won’t make you feel guilty – I did say “almost”.

Located just three minutes away from Leicester Square, Siirgista Bros’ halal menu offers spicy wings, BBQ burgers, and even a fully vegan menu so that everyone can enjoy their food to the fullest. Beetroot or quinoa burger, crispy potato wedges, and many more vegan options will fill and satisfy your belly.

I think it’s one of the top Leicester Square halal restaurants if you’re looking for a quick yet delicious bite – and an all-inclusive halal restaurant in Central London. For a lunch or a romantic night out in London (because why not, not everyone is looking for a halal Michelin Star restaurant in Mayfair, right?), that’s definitely a place you want to visit.

Siirgista Bros Halal Leicester Square Address: 19 Rupert St, London W1D 7PA

5. Best Halal Restaurants near Leicester Square: The Alley Holborn

Photo: UberEats

I’ve chosen The Alley to offer you a halal option for dessert. It doesn’t mean much, does it, “halal dessert”? But still, this Bubble Tea place in Holborn – just minutes away from Leicester Square – deserves all the attention we can give it. And it’s HMC certified too.

If delicious bubble tea is your thing, I highly suggest paying them a visit. Creamy tea decorated with delicious tapioca balls and actually more fruity and dessert-like options than you can imagine? Always a good thing when you’re having a hard day. Or when you’re just visiting Central London. Also, it’s one of the really cool halal places to have a drink in London when you’re spending a romantic day with your other half.

The Alley Halal Holborn Address: Unit 3, 272 High Holborn, London WC1V 7EY


6. Asian Halal Restaurant Leicester Square: P.F. Chang’s Asian Table

8 Best Halal Restaurants in Leicester Square London for a romantic moment - Indian, Chinese, Asian, Burger, Fried Chicken - Near Soho, Mayfair, Covent Garden and Piccadilly Circus - Michelin
Photo: PF Chang’s

P.F. Chang’s Asian Table is a whole other level when it comes to the best halal restaurants in Central London. I’ve warned you. If you’re looking for romantic restaurants in London, the seafood offered here makes it a perfect getaway for the night.

The brand name P.F. Chang has been well-renowned all around the world since the first restaurant opened in 1993. In the USA, there are more than 210 restaurants where you can get great halal food and amazing vegetarian options. That diversity in the dishes only makes it one of the best Asian restaurants in London in my opinion.

If you’re just getting out of the theater, why not have a taste of what great Chinese and Asian food in London means? Crunchy wok-cooked veggies, juicy meats, amazing shrimp-based dishes – you know what I mean. One of the top halal restaurants in Leicester Square.

P.F. Chang’s Halal Restaurant Address: 10 Great Newport Street, London WC2H 7JA

7. Stax Diner: Best Halal Places to Eat Leicester Square

8 Best Halal Restaurants in Leicester Square London for a romantic moment - Indian, Chinese, Asian, Burger, Fried Chicken - Near Soho, Mayfair, Covent Garden and Piccadilly Circus
Photo: OpenTable

Stax Diner is your go-to halal diner in Leicester Square – and in all of Central London, if I may add. Sometimes you just want a good old burger, or some amazing halal fried chicken, but you’re not feeling PFC.

For sure, it’s not a romantic halal restaurant in London, but it’s halal, and all the bites are tremendously… exquisite. The diner is American-inspired and has been serving some decadent fried chicken and waffles and other burger specialties for a few years near Leicester Square now.

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If you’re having a little shopping spree in Carnaby Street, well – you know where to have lunch. That real comfort food is what you need when it rains – can you imagine a Southern buttermilk fried chicken burger topped with crunchy-crunchy fries? Can you?

Well I can, and I’ve just made myself even hungrier. As far as halal restaurants near Soho and Covent Garden go, Stax Diner is an amazing option to consider. The fact that the halal food there is so affordable is just a bonus on top of the delish you’ll feel in your stomach. The restaurant was even the winner of the Second Official Halal Food Awards in 2019 – with a 28-dry aged beef, how could it not have won?

Trust the Stax.

Stax Diner Halal Restaurant Address: 1.7 First Floor, Carnaby, London W1B 5PW


8. Farzi Café: Best Indian Halal Restaurant Leicester Square

8 Best Halal Restaurants in Leicester Square London for a romantic moment - Indian, Chinese, Asian, Burger, Fried Chicken - Near Soho, Mayfair, Covent Garden and Piccadilly Circus
Photo: Farzi Café

If you haven’t had enough of my Indian halal restaurants in Central London, I thought it would be nice to add one more with Farzi Café. You can get a three-course set menu in this excellent halal Indian restaurant around Leicester Square for just £25.

And who doesn’t like a fully Michelin-approved set menu at this price? It makes for one of the cheapest romantic halal restaurants in London to dine at before – or after – a cool play at a nearby theater. It’s not too far from Piccadilly Circus and Trafalgar Square either, so if you’re around, just try it.

The plates are all more beautiful and mouthwatering than the next – you’ll see what I mean. The blend of high-end cooking techniques in traditional plates is satisfying for both the eyes and the tummy. Try the goat shawarma and the burnt corn – two absolutely delicious halal food options at Farzi Café. If you’ve never come across Farzi Café, you’ll soon understand why it’s one of the best halal places to eat Leicester Square.

Farzi Café Halal Indian Restaurant London Address: 8 Haymarket, SW1Y 4BP London

8 Best Halal Restaurants in Leicester Square London

So there you have them, the best options for halal food in Leicester Square. Some of those restaurants I could judge as equal to a few of the greatest Mayfair halal restaurants. I love the play on textures and spices when I discover a new restaurant. And to me, you cannot become one of the best halal restaurants in Central London if you don’t know how to tick off people’s tastebuds.


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