6 Best Stationery Stores in London To Get Cute Notebooks

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6 Best Stationery Stores in London To Get Cute Notebooks

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Whenever I’m looking for the best London stationery shops near me, I’m sure Google Maps will give me some amazing results. I love buying some new notebooks in London for a reason I can’t really explain myself. Best believe there are more stationery shops London cradles than the 6 I’ll highlight today, but these, in my opinion, are the best stationery stores in London. This is actually the first time I’m writing about London stationery on The London Rack. More guides to places to buy the cutest pens in London, diaries, and other stationery bits and bobs will follow soon.

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6 Best Stationery Stores in London

Since we’re here together today, let’s embark on an adventure to the best stationery stores London has to offer! From luxury stationery brands like Paperblanks to minimalist notebooks in London like Kikki K designs, you’ll find your fill of office supplies in London here.

I’m a very specific person – always have been, always will be. The same goes for the best London stationery shops. I like cute, instagrammable stationery shops, for one. However, I don’t judge a book by its cover, but by its actions and benefits. And my favorite kind of notebook is always going to be an A5 notebook, lined, with a spiral, hardcover, and with as many pages as possible. Who likes thin notebooks, even with a cute cover? Not me, that’s who.

Luckily for me, I’ve found my favorite notebooks from one of the best bookshops and stores for stationery in London: WH Smith. I’ll tell you more about that below – let’s dive into the search for the best stationery shop London!

1. Best Stationery Stores London: Kikki K London

If I’m not mistaken, Kikki K has taken the spot of the former 3ina shop in Covent Garden. Or maybe that’s the Lacoste shop that has taken its place – what a shame considering the quality of the 3ina makeup. Anyway. Kikki K London is that stationery brand that unravels the Swedish way of living. The Scandinavian stationery shop in London retails minimalist notebooks, pens, and a wide array of home products destined to simplify our life.

Founder Kristina “Kikki” Karlsson grew up in Sweden, and set out to create positive, beautiful, meaningful stationery to accompany people all over the world in the research for peace and productivity. The London stationery brand definitely speaks to all the notebook and diary lovers inside all of us. If you’re looking for minimalist notebooks, diaries, thoughtfully-designed planners, and pastel office supplies in London, that’s definitely a stationery shop to visit.

Those are gifts that translate the easygoing Swedish mindset, and a will to create beautiful products – and memories. Inspiring and empowering, the weekly diaries from Kikki K London are bound to set you on the road to success.

Kikki K Stationery Shop London Address: 5-6 James St, Covent Garden, London WC2E 8BH


2. Stationery Shop London: London Paperchase

As far as the best stationery stores in London go, I’d say Paperchase ranks at the top of the list. The shops carry a full range of minimalist, cute, or luxury stationery brands – sometimes all three. What I didn’t know is that Paperchase offers a mindful hour every Sunday for the first hour of the day in their stores. This is an hour made to wake up peacefully, without music and dimmed lights meant to bring staff and employees to a calm state. That’s an initiative to appreciate from one of the biggest stationery brands in London.

The colorful stores and notebooks are playful and bring out the artist-writer in you. It’s no wonder why the designs and sometimes innovative products attract so many people. So much so that Paperchase London has over 125 stores in the UK only. From a stationery store that opened its first retail location in 1968, they’ve gone a long way. If you’re looking for bold patterns and cute cherry blossom-themed products, Paperchase London will soon become your BFF.

Paperchase London Stationery Shop Address: 53 Bishopsgate, London EC2N 3AS

3. Best Stationery Stores London: Ryman Stationery

Ryman Stationery is a chain of stationery shops in London that offers very sober, “serious” office supplies in London. There aren’t really any luxury stationery brands in Ryman except for the likes of Legami and Parker, so you won’t lose focus when you know you’re only entering to shop for a pen or a plain black notebook.

Ryman has a full collection of notebooks and diaries, coupled with some printer supplies for Epson or HP, and specific pens like the Sharpie brand. The first Ryman store opened in 1893, making it one of the oldest stationery shops in London.

You can literally find a Ryman stationery everywhere you turn your head – I’m exaggerating, but not that much. So yeah, if you’re looking for some art supplies in London, ink, or even organization solutions, Ryman station in London is a great place to start at an affordable price.

Ryman Camden Stationery Shop London Address: 160 Camden High St, London NW1 0NE


4. Japanese Stationery Shop London: Artbox Covent Garden

If you’ve never heard of Japanese stationery, you’ve missed out. Until now, when you’ve come to know the best Japanese stationery shop London has to offer: Artbox Covent Garden. The kawaii stationery store carries a full collection of diaries, erasers, letter sets, and pens all more attractive than the previous one. If you’re a cutie pie at heart and are looking for the best stationery stores in London, Artbox and its kawaii characters like Hello Kitty, Gudetama of Little Twin Stars will make you melt.

More than just stationery and office supplies, Artbox has created a cute aura for all your home. Homeware, plush, and organization solutions are also available on the racks of the Covent Garden stationery shop. The “UK’s dream destination for cute authentic character goods, stationery and homeware from Japan” retails stationery brands that you can usually only find in Japan.

Artbox Covent Garden Stationery Shop Address: 44 Shelton Street, London WC2H 9HZ

5. Best London Stationery Brands: WH Smith

I was talking about WH Smith higher up in this guide, and let me tell you one thing: it’s one of the best stationery stores London has ever seen. I might even prefer WH Smith notebooks to luxury stationery brands, to Paperblanks, Paperchase, and Moleskine altogether. Why do I feel so strongly about the WH Smith stationery?

Because it was one of the first stationery stores I’ve come across in London. As I mentioned, I like A5 notebooks, lined and hardcover, and a spiral. Unfortunately, this kind of notebook can be tricky to find, especially if you like chunky notebooks with lots of pages like I do. There’s nothing I dislike more than having to start a new notebook and trying not to misplace the one I’ve filled. The stuff I write is actually stuff I will need in the future, and so, for me, the best stationery stores in London have the ability to design chunky notebooks.


Since 1792, WH Smith has been in activity. First as newsagents, only then to become one of the leading bookshops in London, and in the world. It’s one of the stationery shops in London where you can find plenty of different brands of notebooks, Sharpies, the latest book releases, and even snacks.

Lately, as I was traveling between London and Rome, I went to the WH Smith store in Luton Airport. That’s the thing; WH Smith has taken over the airport market, with over 600 stores in airports all over the world. What I love are their chunky notebooks, of course, but WH Smith stationery spans out much more.

For instance, they have some basic notebooks retailed all year round. They also, however, design limited edition collections where the planners, pen cases, diaries, planners, and sometimes even home accessories like reusable bottles, are all themed and the epitome of cuteness. Check out WH Smith, it’s definitely the best stationery shop in London – in my opinion.

WH Smith London Stationery Shop Address: 3 Temple Mills Lane, Stratford, E15 2EG UK


6. Best Stationery Shop London: TK Maxx Stationery

I’ve mentioned the TK Maxx stationery in my guide to the best things to shop at TK Maxx. Sometimes, when I’m looking for cool stationeries near me, and I find a TK Maxx shop, I can rest assured I’ll find at least one or two cool notebooks. It’s not a proper stationery shop in London, I know, however, their notebook lines are always super attractive.

More than just cute designs, TK Maxx stationery brands are more honest, serious, sober with this touch of fun or motivation we need to actually open it up and start writing goals inside. If you’re looking for luxury stationery brands in London, TK Maxx carries notebooks of brands such as Christian Lacroix, Smythson, and even Hugo Boss.

I’ve always been very appealed by luxury office supplies in London, and I’ve always been kind of sad that the Paperblanks stationery brand does not have self-standing stores. Well, I’ve been to quite a few TK Maxx shops in London, and I was surprised to see that in TK Maxx Greenwich in South London (actually a Homesense store) carried plenty of Paperblanks notebooks at a fraction of the price. Some other independent stationery brands also have their place on the TK Maxx racks, like Creative Lab Amsterdam, Chronicle Books, and even Kate Spade London!

TK Maxx Greenwich Address: Address: Unit 1A, Peninsula Retail Park, Bugsby’s Way, London SE7 7TZ

6 Best Stationery Stores in London

6 Best Stationery Shops London - Ryman, Paperchase London, Kikki K Covent Garden, Artbox Covent Garden, WH Smith, Paperblanks at TK Maxx - Best London Stationery stores
Photo: Totum

There you have my favorite – and the best stationery stores in London. Kikki K London will provide you with smooth, minimalist designs. If you’re more of a colorful person, the playful Paperchase stationery or Japanese stationery store Artbox in Covent Garden might be more of your cuppa! I love luxury stationery brands as much as cheap notebooks, and I might very well write other stationery in London guides on The London Rack.

I have not included brands like Poundland, even though Poundland notebooks are a vibe and a steal. There are many more stationery stores in London, and many more things to make you discover, so stick around! Sign up for The London Rack newsletter on the right of this page so you don’t miss out on any London goodness in the future!


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