6 Uber Cool Things To Do in Primrose Hill London

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6 Uber Cool Things To Do in Primrose Hill London

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Primrose Hill London has got to be one of the poshest areas in all of London. With Camden and Regent’s Park bordering Primrose Hill, you’ve got plenty of amazing places to visit before you end the day with the brightest sunset of your life. Yep – the Primrose Hill sunset is one of the most beautiful moments you can witness when you’re having a special day in London. So that’s what I wanted to talk about today – one of my favorite areas in London. Just hop off Chalk Farm station, and click click, you’re it. Primrose Hill cafes, the posh restaurants, the Farmers Market… They all have this fancy thing that you cannot find in other London boroughs. Maybe in Notting Hill, where the most colorful houses in London are scattered in organized chaos.

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6 Uber Cool Things To Do in Primrose Hill London

6 Best Things to do in Primrose Hill London - Primrose Hill Sunset, London View, Restaurants, Cafes, Afternoon Tea and Brunch

Primrose Hill London, this lawn-like, duney park, boasts fascinating views over London. The park has grown immensely in recent years and become one of the most popular sites for the young and famous, specifically youngsters from the media world. But to be fair, anyone can come to a Primrose Hill restaurant for a romantic first date and end it with the amazing vision of fiery sunset. Primrose Hill London is an excellent place to stroll through and take a few pictures of the fantastic sceneries. Safe to say, it’s one of the most Instagrammable places in London, for a reason.


In past years London Primrose Hill was undeveloped with tons of trees surrounding the land and wildlife. Some say this land was named after its origin, as there were lots of primroses growing at the time. The name might not be as fitting now as it was, as no primroses are growing in Primrose Hill anymore.

There are more than five viewpoints at the top of the hill, around 60 meters above sea level on average, and trees on the hill are low enough to give you the perfect shot to show off to your Instagram fans. The Primrose London view should be one of your definite stops if you decide to visit the area. Locals have fought tooth and nail to keep their stretch of Primrose Hill at the top of it all.

Primrose Hill London Park Address Address: Primrose Hill Rd, London NW1 4NR

Primrose Hill London: A Bit of History

6 Best Things to do in Primrose Hill London - Primrose Hill Sunset, London View, Restaurants, Cafes, Afternoon Tea and Brunch

Primrose Hill was part of the great chase, appropriated by Henry VIII. This grassy land has maintained a lovely reputation for years, along with the breathtaking views across London. In 1841, the primrose hill was bought from Eton College before an Act of Parliament in 1842 declared the park to be public land.

Primrose Hill was initially purchased to expand the available land to the less fortunate living in London’s northern part and offer larger venues for open recreation of sorts. In past years, this park was a place where duels were fought; prize fights took place, and football was held, e.t.c.

The fact that primrose hill is almost 63 meters above sea level leaves it as one of London’s most protected viewpoints. The management behind primrose hill ensured no trees were planted close to avoid any interruptions when viewing.


At the incline of the hill, an oak tree was planted in 1864 and named ‘Shakespeare’s Tree’ to mark the 300th anniversary of the birth of William Shakespeare. A massive crowd of workmen from London gathered at the hill to be part of the planting ceremony. Despite the tree being well managed, a replacement tree was re-planted in 1964.

There is not much happening in Primrose Hill all year round. After all, the spot is located in North London, and well, it’s a park. That means that if you want to really do things, you’ll have to walk around a bit. Camden Town is not that far, with amazing charity shops and things to do in Camden Market. Still, there are some Primrose Hill events that are worth an afternoon of fun scattered here and there. Other than that, you can keep yourself busy at one of the Primrose Hill cafes and restaurants for a bite and some downtime.

1. Get A Stunning Primrose Hill Afternoon Tea

Who doesn’t love a cup of tea in the afternoon? You probably already know that getting an afternoon tea in London is… life. It’s part of the culture, and a true ritual, as much as getting a brunch in London. Whether you’re seated alone sipping tea watching the Primrose Hill sunset or with your friends, you’ll want to have a delish afternoon tea and at the best Primrose Hill café. Whether you’re looking for a formal, peculiar, or isolated affair, there are plenty of afternoon teas that’ll suit your tastes and mood.

There are many great choices to choose from that narrowing down the best primrose hill afternoon tea can be challenging, but I’ve listed two of the best high tea afternoon teas in London that I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy:

1. Fortnum and Mason Afternoon Tea – A classic option

One of the most popular destinations for afternoon tea in London, this classic tea salon has been serving the good stuff for almost 100 years now. Since 1926, Fortnum and Mason on Pancras Road have been serving afternoon tea and treating their customers like royalty. Well, some of their customers are royalty; still, they treat all their customers equally. Bit funny to write it like that, but it’s worth noting.

Served tea on splendid fine bone china, along with finger-licking dainty cucumber finger sandwiches, not to forget warm fruit scones. I assure you’ll want to consider paying Fortnum and Mason a visit.

Fortnum and Mason Afternoon Tea London Address: Pancras Rd, London N1C 4QP


2. The Chesterfield Mayfair Afternoon Tea – A child-friendly option

Let’s face it; sweetshop visits are a rite of passage for children. We’ve all been there and came out of the shop with our hands full and our pockets fat, filled with licorice torpedoes or anything sweet.

Take a trip back in time at the Chesterfield Mayfair’s Original sweet shop afternoon tea. The London afternoon tea there was inspired by favorite childhood treats, starting with the homemade pink lemonade graced with finger sandwiches, filled with Scottish smoked salmon and horseradish cream cheese.

Then the main event; cupcakes, lemon cheesecakes, and so on. It would be correct to say that this place is like a safe haven for kids if you’re looking for a posh afternoon tea in Mayfair.

Chesterfield Mayfair Afternoon Tea London Address: 35 Charles St, London W1J 5EB

2. Dine At The Best Primrose Hill Restaurants

6 Best Things to do in Primrose Hill London - Primrose Hill Sunset, London View, Restaurants, Cafes, Afternoon Tea and Brunch
Photo: Savills UK

The beautiful Primrose Hill area, with its diversified British bricks restaurants and plenty of yummy foods to pick from, is the perfect destination for a romantic date in London. Primrose Hill restaurants are plenty but I know you’ll find these three restaurants will suit your bellies and fill them up the way they should.

1. Primrose Hill Restaurant: Lemonia


2. Best Restaurants in Primrose Hill: Odette’s

Odette’s, which has been functional since 1978, is run by the famous Chef Patron Bryn Williams. It’s known primarily for being a spot for love birds. With the low-slung lighting and the artwork, why not take your partner out for a night at Odette’s.

The food there will undoubtedly please you – smoked eel, Cornish halibut grenobloise, and many more delicate dishes are just waiting for your palate, to be honest. That little French romantic atmosphere is just perfect to end a day around Primrose Hill.

Odette’s Primrose Hill Restaurant Address: 130 Regent’s Park Rd, London NW1 8XL

3. Primrose Hill Restaurants: Oka

There are other cool and fancy restaurants you could always visit if you’re not close to these two; for instance, OKA restaurant. OKA offers plenty of dishes, including Japanese dishes like sushi and Deep-fried tofu in Dashi sauce with fresh chili and spring onions.

Sound delicious, right? Every person is welcome to OKA restaurant Primrose Hill. If you’re really into real love Japanese dishes, that’s going to be your next try. Of course, there is also handmade sushi, and they’re worth a try.

Oka Primrose Hill Restaurant Address: 71 Regent’s Park Rd, London NW1 8UY


3. Visit The Primrose Hill Farmers Market

Looking for cool things to do in London this weekend? Well, the Primrose Hill Farmers Market is known to have the finest drinks and fresh foods available. I’ve already written a post about the best markets in London; by now, you probably know how crazy I am about browsing stalls for local produce and strong coffee in London. Shopping at markets is a choice that more people should consider, as the produce is fresh, tastier, and of great value. The market is located right next to Primrose Hill and is open Saturdays from 10-3.

They have a variety of almost everything, bread, cheeses, meats, and shops ready to serve you. The Primrose Hill Farmers Market is a beautiful place to walk and explore new products straight from the farm. Little by little, it has become the first stop for locals who go shopping for foodstuffs, and all products are affordable.

4. Wake Up With The Best Brunch Primrose Hill London

Brunch in London rounds up the week perfectly. A while back, I wrote about the best places for vegan brunch in London and echoed it with the best halal brunch restaurants in London. Feel free to take a look for some of the most delicious bites on a Sunday morning – I’ve curated only the best names!

If you want to go for brunch at one of those fancy places you fantasize about but have no clue where to go, stick around. We know all there is to brunch, and I’ve made a shortlist of the best brunch spots in Primrose Hill London for you to sample:


1. Brunch London: The Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club has branches all over London, so it’s a given go-ahead to visit for brunch in Primrose Hill London. Wherever you are in London, one of its branches will be close by, so you don’t have to travel for miles.

Because of its popularity, the place is filled with customers during weekends, so you’ll probably have to queue. But once you’re inside, there’s a variety of options to choose from, including vegan dishes, and it’s a perfect and chilled place with a great fam and friends vibe.

Breakfast Club Angel Address: 31 Camden Psge, London N1 8EA

2. Best Brunch Places in London: Farm Girl (Notting Hill)

Farm Girl is famous for a reason. Yes, they have the typical drinks, but they also serve a Rose latte, Liquid Gold Latte, Matcha Latte, and a butterfly Latte. Basically all the lattes you can have, all rolled into one amazing cafe in Primrose Hill. Every latte is distinct in color hence the popularity and Instagram craze.

Farm Girl Notting Hill also has a great menu that is not only delicious but very healthy. Farm Girl is also notorious for being busy on the weekends, but what else can you expect from such an amazing establishment? Every plate and drink is as Instagrammable as it gets, so why not enjoy a delish bite and snap a cool pic for your feed?

Farm Girl Notting Hill Address: 59A Portobello Rd, London W11 3DB

5. See The Sunset at Primrose Hill London

6 Best Things to do in Primrose Hill London - Primrose Hill Sunset, London View, Restaurants, Cafes, Afternoon Tea and Brunch
Photo: SecretLdn

Out of all the places you can see the sunset in London, the Primrose Hill sunset is a real sight. I highly suggest you go there during the summer with your friends and have a cool picnic. Easygoing moments with the Primrose Hill London view will simply linger in your mind forever.

For New Year’s Eve two years ago, I remember walking around Primrose Hill and Camden Town with my friends. We walked from Primrose Hill all the way down to Tottenham Court Road and Charing Cross Road – what a moment that was! There’s so much more than afternoon tea in London and shopping from the best bookshops: don’t forget that London is a city that lives. As such, remember you cannot pay for the best moments!


6. Take a Stroll in the Colorful Streets in Primrose Hill London

I love finding Instagrammable places in London – lately, I’ve talked about the most colorful houses in Notting Hill, along with some of the most Instagrammable bakeries in London (those are worth a visit for a chewy, sweet bite). Primrose Hill is not only famous for its London view and cafes; there are quite a few streets there where you can shoot cool Insta-worthy pictures.

Primrose Hill is very much an English village inside London, and I suggest a walk between Chalcot Crescent and Chalcot Square. They were used as the background in the movie Paddington, which you should definitely watch if you like movies set in London.

6 Uber Cool Things To Do in Primrose Hill London

6 Best Things to do in Primrose Hill London - Primrose Hill Sunset, London View, Restaurants, Cafes, Afternoon Tea and Brunch - Primrose Hill Colorful Streets

There you have them, my 6 favorite things to do in Primrose Hill London. From a bright sunset to a chill afternoon tea, the area offers all the poshness and fanciness you might be looking for in London. Sceneries, restaurants, and tons of other things are worth your attention around Primrose Hill. If you’re not afraid of a bit of walk, do a stroll around Chalk Farm, Camden Town, and St Pancras.

If you want to experience how London was in the past, much of the original architecture on Primrose Hill remains undamaged, which makes visitors feel like they’re going back in time. Thanks to this architectural design and other elements, Primrose Hill London is the favorite spot for many celebrities, and numerous have moved to this part of London. Keep your eyes peeled and your mind alive!


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