7 Best Things To Shop From TK Maxx London

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7 Best Things To Shop From TK Maxx London

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I recently wrote a post about the best TK Maxx candle brands; since I love shopping at TK Maxx online and in-store, and you seem to have loved this candle brands post, I felt it would be cool to write about the best things to shop at TK Maxx. In case you didn’t know, Homesense and TK Maxx could basically be considered sister brands since they’re sold in the same stores. Or rather, Homesense homeware and furniture is retailed at TK Maxx, which makes it a true one-stop-shop for some of the best home decor and accessories in London. But not only.

If you’re new to The London Rack, welcome to your BFF guide to London on a budget, with the best free, cheap, and even high-end things to do in London. Here, I write about the best charity shops in London, the best budget and discount shops, and even the cheapest things to do in London alone. It’s all about keeping it under a tight budget – most of the time. And since TK Maxx London is one of the best shops in London when you want to redecorate or treat yourself to a nice scented candle or a stylish dress, you’ve come to the right place today.


7 Best Things To Shop At TK Maxx

Without further ado, let’s dive into the quest for the best TK Maxx brands you can find in Oxford Street, Stratford, or even Wood Green. I’ll soon write about the best TK Maxx shops in London – Homesense too – so you can really have an overview of the best ways to shop at TK Maxx!

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1. TK Maxx Candles

7 Best things to shop at TK Maxx London - Stationery Notebooks, TK Maxx Candles, Homesense Homeware, Decoration, Cushions Rugs, TK Maxx dresses
Photo: HaySparkle

TK Maxx scented candles are some of my very favorites ever. Although TK Maxx Homsense does not carry their own range of scented candles, they do offer quite a large collection of American, British, and French candle brands that are worth every penny. If you’re more of a diffuser kind of person, the TK Maxx diffuser brands are really good – Wick & Vessel, Pecksniffs, Mahli, and Urban Apothecary are some of the diffusers worth checking out.

In terms of candles, TK Maxx shops sometimes have a whole aisle dedicated to the coolest scented candles in London. Word. If you’re interested in amazing candles for inspiration and downtime, you can check some TK Maxx Wood Green and TK Maxx Homesense Greenwich stores. Read my post about the best TK Maxx candles brands so you know where to start – whichever you choose, you’ll love it. Some of the brands include:

Some of the independent candle brands are coconut or soy candles, while some belong to more mainstream brands like Pecksniffs, Parks, or This Works. My favorites will forever be DW Home candles and Makers of Wax Goods candles because of their huge range of scents. DW Home candles offer some of the biggest formats; easily over 600 grams most of the time, for a price that is set around £12.99 apiece. I’ve found that some of the most common candle fragrances at TK Maxx revolve around vanilla, pumpkin, pine/cedarwood, seaside scents, and tobacco candles.

2. Things To Shop at TK Maxx: TK Maxx Designer Bags

7 Best things to shop at TK Maxx London - Stationery Notebooks, TK Maxx Candles, Homesense Homeware, Decoration, Cushions Rugs, TK Maxx dresses
Photo: LottyEarns

Although I’ve never shopped for one, the TK Maxx handbags are a steal. There are so many in the Oxford Street shop, notably, and the designer handbags at TK Maxx include some of the finest brands. Mario Valentino, Lulu Guinness, Love Moschino, and Michael Kors are just a handful of the designer ladies handbags you can find at TK Maxx. The collections are not always the latest, but the bags and purses always look very stylish. To be honest, I’ve never bought a TK Maxx handbag because I’ve never come to the conclusion that I needed only one when browsing the aisles.

Other TK Maxx designer bags brands include:

  • DKNY bags
  • Kurt Geiger (some of the most expensive looking handbags in London in my opinion)
  • Dune bags
  • Stella McCartney bags
  • Kipling Bags

Whether you’re looking for clutch bags, purses, or TK Maxx leather bags, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for there. The fact that all the handbags are discounted up to 60% is another incentive to just get what you feel like. There’s a small selection of handbags on TK Maxx online, otherwise, check out the Oxford Street and the Tottenham Hale shops.


3. Best Things To Shop at TK Maxx: TK Maxx Shoes

Shoes at TK Maxx are one of the most fun things to shop for. There are so many there, from simple black boots to trendy, head-turning Steve Madden shoes. I’ve found that the best TK Maxx London shops for shoes are on Oxford Street and Wood Green. Whether you’re looking for designer shoes or easygoing sneakers, everything can be sorted out quickly since the shoes are ordered by gender and size. The TK Maxx Gold Label can be found in the shoes, and some of the best high-street and couture brands there include:

  • UGG
  • Salvatore Ferragamo Shoes
  • Gucci shoes
  • Timberland shoes
  • Steve Madden shoes
  • Kickers Shoes
  • Sanayi 313 shoes
  • Dolce & Gabbana shoes

The TK Maxx designer shoes are always very stylish and offer avant-garde confidence when it comes to women shoes. Sandals, boots, high heels, sneakers – your best bet is just to go to a TK Maxx London shop to see what the collection is like at that time. It’s always changing anyway, so you’ll always find new brands of cool shoes at TK Maxx.

4. Best Things To Shop at TK Maxx: TK Maxx Makeup

We’re on to one of my favorite things to shop at TK Maxx: the makeup. I like the Greenwich and Stratford shops better when it comes to TK Maxx makeup, as well as, of course, the very well-furnished Long Acre store in Covent Garden. If you’ve been on to usually rare makeup brands in London like Covergirl or Hard Candy, TK Maxx carries a few makeup products from these brands. You can also find cool makeup brushes from Real Techniques, some of the best value brushes in London.

You can often find high end makeup brands at TK Maxx like Nars, Chanel, MAC, or Estée Lauder. However, I also really like the TK Maxx makeup because most of the brands are already very affordable, even before the TK Maxx discount. Barry M nail polish, Ciaté lipsticks, Models Own makeup sets, Profusion eyeshadow palettes all gather to make your makeup shopping experience even more enjoyable than a trip to Superdrug. I’ve written a full guide about the best TK Maxx makeup, check it out to know some of the amazing products you’ll come across while shopping at TK Maxx.

Some other cool TK Maxx makeup brands include:

  • Zoeva
  • Honest Beauty
  • Dr. Lipp
  • Iconic London.

I know that TK Maxx toiletry bag brands are a hit, and I’m one of their fans. So, Skinny Dip and Their Nibs lovers, brace yourselves, because you can find quite a number of these cosmetic bag brands at TK Maxx.


5. TK Maxx Dresses & Jackets

7 Best things to shop at TK Maxx London - Stationery Notebooks, TK Maxx Candles, Homesense Homeware, Decoration, Cushions Rugs, TK Maxx dresses
Photo: AllTTBuy

What’s amazing when shopping from TK Maxx online or in-store is that the clothes look absolutely fire. No matter what you choose, from the TK Maxx dresses to their countless coats, you’ll look stylish afterward. Everything is sorted out by size, and by length. It’s super easy to check out the TK Maxx womens clothes racks – much more than it is in other cheap clothing shops in London like Primark.

There are quite a few lines available in terms of clothes at TK Maxx: “normal” clothes, Mod Box, and Gold Label. The TK Maxx Gold Label is set on both the designer bags and clothes belonging to couture. It’s very common to find Dolce & Gabbana, Karl Lagerfeld, or Love Moschino fashion on their racks. Mod Box is another TK Maxx clothing range that holds all the super trendy, independent fashion brands. Some of the best Mox Box TK Maxx clothing brands include the following:

  • QED London
  • Urban Romantics
  • Religion
  • Kirious (if you’re looking for amazing velvet crop tops, for instance)
  • Milk It
  • Bailey Blue (for super fashionable TK Maxx womens day dresses)

If you go on TK Maxx online, you’ll find only a small selection of all the amazing occasion dresses and day dresses available at TK Maxx. I’ve found that the best TK Maxx London shops for clothes are those on Oxford Street, Wood Green, and Tottenham Hale. If you’re looking for some cool jackets and coats, go directly to Wood Green – the selection of brands and shapes is stunning.

6. TK Maxx Homeware

If you’re looking for cute homeware, I’d say the TK Maxx homeware is set somewhere along the lines of the best brands out there. I didn’t know they had such a huge range of gifts and homeware perfect for summer, autumn, and even Christmas time. To be fair, for the longest time I was only interested in Primark homeware, drooling over their huge collections of plaids, candles, and cushions.

It was only when I checked out TK Maxx Greenwich that I found out that TK Maxx furniture and homeware are some of the most stylish around. It’s not unusual to find high-end and high-street cute homeware at TK Maxx London stores. From chairs to kitchen homeware, you can find quite anything you’d like there. Some of the best homeware items at TK Maxx includes:

  • Velvet cushions from Edinburgh Weavers
  • Porcelain sets from Excelsa
  • Rugs from Agni
  • Cushions from Boheme

My favorite homeware at TK Maxx definitely includes the cushions, rugs, and duvet cover sets. It always feels like TK Maxx Homesense really has put a lot of thought into selecting their furniture and home accessories, and when they’re on clearance, it’s even more satisfying to shop from the homeware section.


7. Best Things To Buy at TK Maxx Home: TK Maxx Stationery

I’ve found that the biggest TK Maxx store when it comes to stationery is Greenwich, which is actually a Homesense nestled in a TK Maxx. That’s something pretty recurring when it comes to both discount brands, and the stationery items sold there are always very trendy. I write about ways to shop at TK Maxx London, but you can definitely unravel some great finds from TK Maxx online.

The best TK Maxx stationery is the notebooks in my opinion. Among the brands, I’ve come across quite a lot of Paperblank notebooks, which are some of my favorite and the highest-quality notebooks available on the market today, if you ask me. Other TK Maxx stationery includes the following brands:

  • Fringe
  • Ungaro
  • Hugo Boss
  • Smythson
  • Flame Tree
  • Galison
  • Creative Lab Amsterdam
  • Christian Lacroix

As in any TK Maxx, from the smallest to the biggest TK Maxx store, collections have a quick turnover. It is not unusual to find one brand of TK Maxx stationery one day, and another completely new one the following week. I think that’s one of the best things about TK Maxx Homesense; the ability to browse ever-changing aisles.

If you’d like to discover the best places to get nice quality and design notebooks in London, check out my guide to the 6 best stationery shops in London – you might find a brand or two you didn’t know!

7 Best Things To Shop at TK Maxx

7 Best things to shop at TK Maxx London - Stationery Notebooks, TK Maxx Candles, Homesense Homeware, Decoration, Cushions Rugs, TK Maxx dresses
Photo: TK Maxx

There you have some of the best things to shop from TK Maxx online or in-store. I’ve always found that the TK Maxx brands lie among some of the best, from the designer handbags like Kurt Geiger or Michael Kors to the amazing scented candle brands you can find at Homesense.

If you get the chance to lose yourself in the TK Maxx clothing aisles, I highly suggest you check out their amazing dresses and coats. I have purchased quite a few TK Maxx dresses from the Nobody’s Child brand that have lasted me years and always looked ultra-stylish. You can say anything you want to me, the TK Maxx womens clothes are some of my favorite. The pantry goods are also amazing if you’d like to try something new, like chocolate brands or biscuits you can usually only find abroad.

I’ll soon write some other TK Maxx brands and shops in London guides, from the best makeup brands at TK Maxx to shoes, handbags, and even skincare! If you don’t want to miss out on those cool guides, I recommend you sign up for The London Rack newsletter. I’ll also edit this post as I write guides about TK Maxx Homesense shops in London, so you can always find the latest trendy clothes, homeware, and accessories online or in-store!


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