9 Coolest TK Maxx Makeup Brands To Shop ASAP

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9 Coolest TK Maxx Makeup Brands To Shop ASAP

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From the first time I spotted the TK Maxx makeup aisle in Covent Garden, I was sold. I love finding new makeup brands at TK Maxx because they always defy the mainstream makeup you can find at Boots and Superdrug in London. From smaller British makeup brands to independent brands, there is just anything you need in terms of – yes, even – makeup for makeup artists. Back when I was still doing makeup on fashion photoshoots, I used to pick up new trendy makeup at TK Maxx London all the time. Vegan eyeshadow palettes from Bellapierre Cosmetics, cheap lipsticks, full makeup boxes with makeup from Models Own or Laura Geller… There are many cool makeup brands at TK Maxx, and they definitely are worth picking up.

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9 Best TK Maxx Makeup Brands To Shop ASAP

Before we go any further, for my American folks, US TJ Maxx and TK Maxx in London are the same stores. TJ Maxx makeup might include different brands, but you can get American makeup brands at TK Maxx London, among which Covergirl and Hard Candy or the Impress manicure sets. Those are makeup brands I love, which would be really tough to get in the UK if it weren’t for TK Maxx. The same goes for the TK Maxx perfume, about which I’ll write a full post in some time.

Get ready to dive into the best brands for your makeup artist makeup kit, or even if you’re just a full-on makeup junkie. Kiko Milano, M.A.C., Real Techniques or Profusion Cosmetics – the TK Maxx makeup has a bit of everything for each of us, no matter your budget.

1. TK Maxx Makeup: Profusion Cosmetics

One of my very fave brands of makeup at TK Maxx is definitely Profusion Cosmetics. Having lived in Paris, London, and Rome, I’ve come to find that the easiest place to get Profusion makeup is from TK Maxx. The brand has been around for more than two decades, and its mission is to provide us with quality palettes at affordable prices. Innovation in each collection of the Profusion Cosmetics makeup brand is a cornerstone of the high-quality palettes.

When it comes to TK Maxx makeup, what I’m looking for is good pigment, different colors than what we usually see, and of course, a cheap price. Profusion Cosmetics at TK Maxx has always offered me great finds, for eyeshadow palettes that usually revolve around £5 or £6 at the most expensive. Couple one or two new eyeshadow palettes with some Real Technique makeup brushes and a set of Kiss Impress nails you can typically find at TK Maxx, and you’ve got almost a full look going on.

The 10-eyeshadow palettes from Profusion Cosmetics are usually available in quantity at TK Maxx, and I’ve loved the Spectrum eyeshadow palette. Full matte, the eyeshadows are very pigmented and show up beautifully in pictures too. Often, you can also find Profusion Cosmetics makeup boxes with makeup for the whole face, or some eye and lip makeup perfect for occasions. If you’ve been looking for ways to do cheap shopping in London, TK Maxx is definitely the place.


2. Technic Cosmetics at TK Maxx

When I was starting out in makeup, I used to do my own makeup a lot, and of course, cheap TK Maxx makeup was my go-to. When you live in London, the makeup budget is not the priority for most people. Makeup brands at TK Maxx like Profusion Cosmetics or Technic are a heavenly gift because their pigment is good enough for everyday makeup. Occasionally, in all those affordable British makeup brands at TK Maxx, you’ll also find a gem or two that will become your makeup favorites.

You can typically find some cool Technic eyeshadow palettes at TK Maxx, as well as some face products and lipsticks. I’ve come across the Invite Only pressed pigment palette and some other eyeshadow palettes at TK Maxx that were unexpected in terms of color scheme and quality, to be fair. Technic is one of those small British makeup brands that deserve a good look.

Over time, I’ve come to find that TK Maxx does not carry that many foundation and concealer products – expect mostly powders (blushes, eyeshadow palettes) and lip products from those affordable makeup brands in London. I guess that’s because the powders get snatched earlier than cream face products since there are no makeup testers at TK Maxx.

3. Makeup Brands at TK Maxx: Bellapierre Cosmetics

9 best TK Maxx Makeup Brands - Profusion Cosmetics Huda Beauty Nars Technic Cosmetics Bellapierre Mineral Zoeva Real Techniques Makeup Brushes - MAC, ELF, Dr. Lipp, Too Faced - Makeup Brands at TK Maxx London UK
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Mineral makeup brand Bellapierre Cosmetics is another one of the very first makeup companies I’ve followed as a makeup artist. They started out at a 100% mineral cosmetics brand, and I’ve always felt like they’re an underdog on the British makeup brands scene. Using “safe, Earth-based ingredients”, they offer plenty of loose eyeshadows, matte lipsticks, and eyeshadow palettes like the All Stars palette which quality is to die for. They’re following trends closely, with products that contain no harmful substances (no talc, parabens, or bismuth oxychloride).


I’ve come across quite some cool Bellapierre Cosmetics makeup at TK Maxx, including the All Stars eyeshadow palette, and their amazingly colorful 12-color matte pro lip palette. Both were a steal, priced at £9.99 when the RRP is roughly £50. I remember finding them both at TK Maxx Long Acre in Covent Garden, along with ELF makeup brushes, some Profusion Cosmetics, and Zoeva eyeshadow palettes. Ah, yes, TK Maxx Covent Garden definitely is one of the best shops for makeup in London.

4. TK Maxx Makeup: Zoeva

Unlike the aisles for bags at TK Maxx, the makeup aisles are usually small. As I said, there are usually a lot of recurring makeup brands there, like Profusion, Makeup Revolution, Estée Lauder, or Zoeva. At Long Acre, I’ve found plenty of Zoeva eyeshadow palettes that included some collections still available on the website.

The Zoeva makeup brand has always been one of my favorites; I remember using my Metals palette to the core. The company’s always been very keen on offering the highest-quality makeup brushes and eyeshadow palettes. The final goal was to empower women and celebrate each woman’s individual beauty authentically. Since I worked at MAC Covent Garden and Paris about a year before withdrawing from the retail world, I’ve had plenty of time to use and abuse my M.A.C makeup brushes. Well, the Zoeva brushes are just as good, if not better for most of them.

When you’re browsing the TK Maxx makeup aisle, do check if there are some Zoeva palettes, lipsticks, and brushes. Every product is luxurious with an edge, allowing each makeup artist makeup kit to overflow with creativity and possibilities. If you’re a makeup enthusiast, you’ll find that the Zoeva makeup is perfect for smooth everyday glam.


5. Makeup Brands at TK Maxx: Laura Geller

Laura Geller is one of the TK Maxx makeup brands that are most underrated on the makeup scene from my point of view. Founder Laura Geller started out as a makeup artist for celebrities and socialites in New York, before launching her own makeup brands over two decades ago. It’s a simple makeup brand that plays on elegance and sophistication, really your basic of a makeup artist makeup kit, for instance.

Some of the bestselling Laura Geller products are luckily available at TK Maxx makeup, including their famous baked eyeshadows, blushes, and face products made in Italy. Be on the lookout for her Spackle primers, a product that has helped Laura Geller makeup rise to fame. There are often small makeup boxes with makeup by Laura Geller at TK Maxx, so if you have a small budget and need several products, you should find what you’re looking for there.

6. TK Maxx Makeup: Too Faced

One thing that TJ Maxx and TK Maxx have in common? Some amazing brands are usually sold at Sephora, like Benefits Cosmetics, Real Techniques, or Too Faced. Established in 1998, Too Faced has been one of the brands at TK Maxx offering the cutest makeup for quite some time. Maybe you already know the Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara? If you’re lucky enough, you might find it at TK Maxx, even in a mini size.

Typically, you’ll find high-end makeup brands with some unsold products at TK Maxx, like the green and blue lipsticks that only influencers and YouTubers wear on a day-to-day basis. However, at times, TK Maxx makeup is super wearable. I’ve come across the Peanut Butter and Jelly palette quite a few times in the past, and the Totally Cute eyeshadow palette I had on my wishlist. If you like the Melted range of makeup from Too Faced, they’re often part of the TK Maxx collection, so keep your eyes peeled!


7. Makeup Brands at TK Maxx: Nars

From 12 lipsticks in 1994, the French Nars brand has expanded to a full collection, perfect for a makeup artist makeup kit. I’ve always felt the brand features French elegance and makeup expression perfectly, and if there’s one high end makeup brand at TK Maxx you should pick up, that’s definitely it. Since everything is discounted up to 60%, you’ve got the option to create a full makeup collection for just a few dozens of pounds.

Some of the most famous Nars makeup products you can find at TK Maxx makeup include lipsticks and face products. That’s all for the best since the Nars foundations and concealers are so famous anyway. I’ve also got the Nars Climax mascara on my list of favorites, and you should definitely be on the lookout for that one too. That’s one way to snatch one or two amazing makeup products easily, on a budget. I’d say that if you come across the Nars Orgasm blush at TK Maxx, you should snatch it. It’s just one of the best blushes in the world.

8. TK Maxx Makeup Brands: Models Own

What happened to the Models Own brand? It used to be on the racks of every Superdrug shop in London, and now it’s nowhere to be found. Still, Models Own is one of the best brands at TK Maxx, especially if you’re looking for makeup boxes with makeup for the whole face. I’ve mostly come across Models Own lip kits, with several lip glosses or lipsticks in them. Other TK Maxx makeup kits I’ve found included six or seven loose eyeshadows from Models Own, that I would have loved to try but never had a use for.

If you’re looking for more Models Own products, I suggest going to a Poundland shop in London. There are often some £1 makeup products from Models Own, Rimmel, or Gemey Maybelline on the Poundland racks. I don’t know about the TJ Maxx makeup in the States, but Models Own is definitely one brand of TK Maxx makeup you should try if you want to make some colorful looks, or for the best no makeup makeup on a day-to-day basis.


9. TK Maxx Makeup Brushes: Real Techniques

Okay, this one is not really a TK Maxx makeup brand, but the Real Techniques makeup brushes are way too good not to be mentioned here. Founded by two sisters, both makeup artists, Real Techniques has been around since 2011. Needless to say, it’s one of the most famous brands of brushes in the UK. Superdrug almost always has deals going on in the Real Techniques makeup brushes section, but I think that the TK Maxx brush sets are more affordable.

Oh, and if you0re a fan of beauty blenders, the Real Techniques miracle sponges are some of the very best around. I’ve often found them in the TK Maxx makeup aisle, and if you find them half price, get two or three boxes. That is if you want a seamless foundation. You can finish with one of the Laura Geller or Models Own makeup boxes, and off you go, ready to tackle on the day.

9 Best Makeup Brands in TK Maxx

I honestly could have written about more makeup brands at TK Maxx to complete your beauty junkie or makeup artist makeup kit. The Kiss Impress nails that I’ve mentioned higher up in the article are definitely a buy you won’t regret, and they’re quite famous in the makeup world. There are not only amazing candles at TK Maxx, or amazing bedding and homeware! The best TK Maxx makeup brands definitely include Profusion Cosmetics, Nars, and Laura Geller if you ask me. Still, if you find some Kiko Milano lipstick or M.A.C makeup brushes at TK Maxx, don’t miss out on them!

I’ll soon write about the best brands of designer bags at TK Maxx, designer shoe brands, and skincare – among other brands. I highly recommend you sign up for The London Rack newsletter if you don’t want to miss out! I promise, always – no spammy junk in your mailbox!


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