Halal Fried Chicken London: 11 Best Halal Restaurants in London

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Halal Fried Chicken London: 11 Best Halal Restaurants in London

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If you’re like me, finding the best halal fried chicken London is an endless hunt you’re on. And how could you not be? I think there’s not one ultimate restaurant for halal fried chicken, and that’s a good thing. There’s just something about that cripiness, that tender and melting chicken, those spices skillfully blended that drives me crazy. And that’s why I’m always – always – on the quest for the best halal chicken shop near me in London. There are lots, granted, that offer halal fried chicken for just a few pounds.

But I’m not talking about those shops that sell everything from frozen fried chicken to pizza, burgers, and whatnot. I’m talking good, excellent, out-of-this world halal fried chicken in London. And you’re going to fall in love on the spot when you see what I’ve gotten ready for you today.

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So, if you’ve already typed in “halal fried chicken near me” on Maps without really knowing what you were getting into, I’ve come today to spread the good news. You’ll indeed find here the best fried chicken in London – halal style.

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11 Restaurants For The Best Halal Fried Chicken in London

Photo: TimeOut

I’ve never seen it as a shame to frenetically look for halal KFC in Central London. We all know by now that KFC does not offer halal fried chicken in the UK – what a shame (for them). That has given way to lots of amazing restaurants to create exceptional recipes, like chicken waffles, halal chicken burgers (even Shake Shack has their own halal burger with decadent crispy chicken!), Taiwanese and Korean fried chicken in London.

So really, all you have to do is dive into this list of the best spots to find your own version of the best fried chicken in London. Sauces and spices are what really make those restaurants stand out from the mainstream crowd. There’s some Taiwanese, some American style, and of course, some trendy halal Korean fried chicken in London that you really can’t miss out on. Let’s dive in!

1. Halal Korean Fried Chicken in London: Wing Wing

Can’t be talking about halal fried chicken restaurants in London and not mention Wing Wing. The full name, Wing Wing Krispy Chicken, says it all. Their halal fried chicken menu is among one of the simplest and most delicious in London, and we all know already just how much of a blast Korean fried chicken is. If you’re looking for halal KFC in Central London, you’ll quickly get over the hunt and you’d do well to redirect your Google Maps to Wing Wing Soho.

Their halal fried chicken is available in three locations as of now; Hammersmith, Fitzrovia, and Chinatown. I’ve written about my top 3 Asian restaurants in Chinatown a while back, and I could easily have included Wing Wing. Still, this one is completely halal, while the other three are not – even if honestly, their veggie offer is to die for.

The Wing Wing signature wings might very well be the best fried chicken in London. The menu also includes boneless strips, drumsticks, and basically anything you might be dreaming of when we talk about halal fried chicken. Let’s say it, sometimes we crave one thing, we arrive at the restaurant, and we suddenly crave something else we see on the menu.

£7.50 for 6 pieces is a very correct price for this kind of halal street food in London. But if you’d like to indulge in a halal burger Wing Wing style, the baos – especially the Crispy Chicken Burger (£7.80) – are also filled with those amazing pieces of Korean fried chicken. Try them as soon as you get the chance.

Wing Wing Halal Fried Chicken London Address: 30 Woburn Pl, London WC1H 0JR

2. Halal Fried Chicken London: Thunderbird

From the first time I ever tried Thunderbird fried chicken, I was sold. I didn’t even know it was a halal place when I first tried it, and boy, am I glad I did. I think that week, I ate at Thunderbird three times. Or rather, I ordered from Thunderbird. If you’re looking for halal restaurants in London for the best halal fried chicken, look no further – really. That’s a friend’s advice.

What I did is I tried all the Thunderbird chicken wings – with all the available glazes and sauces. Not one let me down. I wouldn’t be talking about that fried chicken place if it had let me down, anyway. I’ve never tried their halal burgers, but they look pretty amazing. The Thunderbun retails for £6.95, and for that small a price, the classic Thunderbird burger is filled with a smoked burger sauce, pickles, lettuce and, of course, a magnificent piece of halal fried chicken. To die for, innit.

Still, the highlight of the Thunderbird fried chicken menu are the wings: choose between Habanero and Salted Caramel, and you’re sure to have a good time. Plus, £8.45 for 10 chicken wings is just it. That’s just it. Oh, and by the way, Thunderbird was elected People’s favorite wing at London Wingfest in 2019. Best fried chicken in London – halal edition approved by The London Rack.

3. Best Halal Fried Chicken London: Stax Diner

I’ve mentioned Stax Diner twice or three times on The London Rack already, and to be honest, it’s definitely one of the best fried chicken restaurants London has ever seen. Buttermilk fried chicken and waffles, a halal fried chicken menu more delish than any you’ve ever seen before… If you’re one to always look for the best halal chicken shop nearby, Stax Diner is the one you’re going to want to visit as soon as you’ve got the opportunity.

If the halal fried chicken offer by Stax Diner is one of the best things on their menu, their halal burgers are something else you can’t miss out on. Their homemade onion rings rival the best fried chicken in london, if you want my two cents. But, of course, one of the highlights of their menus are their halal chicken and waffles – unlike anything the halal London food scene has ever witnessed.

Strips, chicken wings, everything is absolutely delicious at Stax Diner. The South American vibe that Stax gives off is lively and fun – really perfect for an evening out in Carnaby with friends after work, or before a movie.

Probably one of the very best halal fried chicken restaurants in London. If you don’t feel like eating meat that day – you never know – the vegan burgers and bites are also something you should look into. Jackfruit burger or plant-based burger retail for £13.50, quite an affordable price for a vegan burger in London, so you know. Knock yourself out.

Stax Diner Halal Fried Chicken London Address: 1.7 Kingly Ct, Carnaby, London W1B 5PW

4. Halal Fried Chicken Restaurants London: Absurd Bird

I’ve also already mentioned Absurd Bird in a previous article about the best halal restaurants in London. Here we go again on the rollercoaster quest for the best halal fried chicken, and Absurd Bird is something really different that you can get straight from Spitalfields in East London. If you like visiting the best markets in London, you could definitely check out the cool makeup shops around Spitalfields and Liverpool Street and end up at Absurd Bird.

And it wouldn’t be a mistake, given just how delicious the seasoning and how tender their halal fried chicken menu is. I’m always very surprised by how skilled the cooks in independent restaurants in London are, always working on new recipes to get you addicted to one or more of their specialties.

If you’re looking for halal fried chicken in Soho, Absurd Bird might very well be your next favorite. I know I always say that, but I’m such a foodie that whenever my palate tries something new like that, so rich and tangy and creamy, I just become faithful. Until the next one.

The Absurd Bird fries are something to die for too, but still, the best thing on their menu remains the fried chicken. Although there’s no halal KFC in Central London, we’ve got a pretty decadent option here with Absurd Bird’s fried chicken menu.

Absurd Bird Halal Fried Chicken London: Address: 25 Peter Street, London W1F 0AH

5. Halal Fried Chicken London: Burger UK

Burger UK is something really different from all the halal restaurants in London when it comes to halal fried chicken. It’s not exactly in Central London, to start with. A bit further off Camden Town, it’s a small restaurant that might very well serve the best halal burgers in London. I love myself some decadent burger, as you may have understood.

The deep fried batter chicken is something I could go to Burger UK for again and again, and again. Gett it with the Teriyaki sauce, and you’ll have a very easy evening out. Sweet and tangy things are foods I love, and I accept sweet and savory only when it comes to fried chicken. Hate it in other plates.

While Burger UK is a chain, it’s worth a visit if you like trying out new restaurants. I actually enjoy trying out new recipes of halal fried chicken in London, indie restaurant or not. Try the deep fried chicken burger if you’re feeling like a good chicken halal burger in London; it’s playful, big, and juicy like no other!

Burger UK Halal Fried Chicken Camden: 8 Ferdinand Street, London NW1 8ER

6. Best Halal Chicken London: Bird

Best halal restaurants in London for the best halal fried chicken London - Coqfighter, Mother Clucker, Wing Wing
Photo: We The Food Snobs

As I said, sweet and sour and sweet and savory notes are something I acccpet only when it comes to fried chicken in London – or in any other city I’ve lived in. You probably know I’m currently based between London and Rome, and luckily, I don’t encounter sweet and savory too often. Ufff. Okay, so I’ve talked about Bird a few days ago in my post about the best halal restaurants in Canary Wharf. Actually, Bird has quite a few locations , notably in Stratford, Shoreditch and Camden – where there are most people in London, basically.

Their halal fried chicken menuu is something incredible. Literally. I love all those decadent halal chicken restaurants in London who understand that fried chicken is as amazing naked as it is glazed, with Korean sauces, sticky soy sauces, or the classic Buffalo or BBQ sauce. Love that, love that they understand that when people go out, we actually want to eat halal fried chicken that has taste and makes us travel to other parts of the world where recipes are different and oh-so-delicious.

Bird has some crazy sauces that include honey, mustard, cheese, soy, and many more that you can mix with their Korean fried chicken. In case you’re also looking for halal chicken and waffles in London, their portions are really honest – more than honest, actually, and tasty like the sun on your skin in May.

Bird Halal Fried Chicken London Address: 21-22 Chalk Farm Rd, Chalk Farm, London NW1 8BF

7. Best Halal Fried Chicken London: GBK

Best halal restaurants in London for the best halal fried chicken London - Coqfighter, Mother Clucker, Wing Wing
Photo: Deliveroo

GBK – Gourmet Burger Kitchen – is one of those restaurants chains that you love to love – they’re available all across London, and they’re full and satisfying. Their fried chicken burgers are halal, cooked in rapeseed oil in a different fryer than the rest of the meat. However, GBK is not completely halal. If you want to get grilled chicken, it won’t be halal and will be cooked on the same grill as the bacon.

If you’d like to get more options for a delicious halal burger, why not go towards something plant-based? GBK has a few vegan options, the Classic Vegan with vegan mayo and relish, while the Californian (£9.45) is a more creative twist on burgers with vegan Applewoord cheese, paprika onions, and harissa mayo. I mean, even if you eat halal, why not try out some vegan options when not all the restaurant’s offer is totally halal?

GBK also offers student discount through their app, and although you need to get fries and the drink as extras (their halal chicken burger comes solo), that can help make the experience better. What discount doesn’t make an experience better, after all?

Gourmet Burger Kitchen Halal Chicken London: 119A Waterloo Rd, London SE1 8UL

8. Fried Chicken Soho London: Good Friend Chicken

Halal Food London - Best halal fried chicken london
Photo: Chinatown

I absolutely love Good Friend Chicken. I’ve been a dire fan from the first bite I ever took in their chicken. Their fries are also something worth writing home about, but we’re not here for the fries. If you’re looking for the best halal fried chicken in Soho, then you at least have another friendly spot to visit. Again, we’re on Taiwanese halal street food, with all the creativity this triggers. Their seasonings are incredible; seaweed, cheese, plum, lemon – from crazy to classic, your halal fried chicken will taste otherworldly in no time.

You can either get some fried chicken nuggets or choose to go all out with chicken breast. There’s even an option to add cheese and get your chicken deep-fried – think cordon bleu. The name is Volcanic Cheesy Chicken, and it retails for well under a tenner. While providing all the prots you’ll need for the next three months easily. Forget a halal KFC in Central London – who needs that when you’ve got melty cheese and crunchy chicken?

Good Friend Chicken Halal London Address: 14 Little Newport St, London WC2H 7JJ

9. Best Fried Chicken London: Mother Clucker

Among all the halal restaurants in London, Mother Clucker is definitely different. Initially, the Brick Lane based halal street food truck in London offered fried chicken to tourists and locals alike. Even if they’ve still got their initial stall, Moter Clucker has expanded a lot since their opening in 2013: Whitechapel, Flat Iron Square, White City, and Kentish Town are lucky to have a Mother Clucker halal fried chicken shop each.

When I say those are decadent pieces of fried chicken, I mean it. In basic halal chicken shops near me, I often find chicken that’s barely cooked, you know what I mean. The deep frying is bare frying, it’s sad and it makes me wonder whether I’ll get sick during the night. Yeah – none of that with Mother Clucker. The frying is on point, the fries are on the thinner side (think artisan McDonald’s), and honestly, the portions are bigger than what you can legit eat without feeling guilty. I’m almost not joking.

What sets them apart is their tea brined, buttermilk soaked, twice battered halal fried chicken. Their signature house sauce is something out of this world. Plus, the fact that no pork nor alcohol are used in the Mother Clucker restaurants is a big bonus worth mentioning.

Mother Clucker Halal Fried Chicken Address: 6 Dray Walk, London E1 6NJ

10. Best Halal Fried Chicken London: Coqfighter

Best halal restaurants in London for the best halal fried chicken London - Coqfighter, Mother Clucker, Wing Wing
Photo: Coqfighter

I’d be lying if I didn’t tell you that the Coqfighter halal fried chicken menu is out of this world. That crispiness and those spices all blended together are unlike anything you’ve ever tested. In Soho, we’ve seen there are already two or three spots with a great halal fried chicken menu, like Wing Wing, but Coqfighter is… well, different. Fried chicken for grown ups, as the restaurant itself puts it. And boy, are they right.

There are quite a few locations in London for the Coqfighter fried chicken in very touristic locations. As such, if you’re in Soho, Notting Hill, or Shoreditch, you can get a hold of their amazing halal fried chicken burger in London. It’s one of those creative chicken brands big on flavor and freshness.

Their green chilli cheese fried chicken burger and – oh – the honey ginger buffalo fried chicken burger are unike anything you’ve ever tried before in a halal restaurant in London. All the craze of chicken and taste, all packed between two buns.

Coqfighter Halal Fried Chicken Soho London Address: 75 Beak St, Soho, London W1F 9SS

11. Halal Fried Chicken East London: Angel Fried Chicken

If you ever crave halal fried chicken in Stratford, Angel Fried Chicken is a Taiwanese fried chicken joint you’ll love. Like all the halal restaurants mentioned in this list, it’s been curated from A to Z. The recipes cooked day in, day out, are to die for.

Sometimes, you go to the nearest chicken shop and all you can get are wings and drumsticks. None of that with that East London halal restaurant. Angel Fried Chicken is famous for their whole fried chicken, coupled with fries in a delicious menu. Chicken popcorn is another specialty of theirs. However, if you’re feeling more classic, you can definitely get a plate of fried wings or drumsticks.

What I’m saying is, there are plenty of options at Angel Fried Chicken. Enough to fill that stomach after you’ve gone budget shopping at TK Maxx, for instance. It might not be the famous Korean fried chicken. Still, you’ve got another take on Asian style fried chicken, and that’s priceless.

Angel Fried Chicken Halal London Address: 49-51, The Mall, Unit M8 5 continents, London E15 1XE

11 Restaurants For The Best Halal Fried Chicken in London

Here you have the coolest spots for the best fried chicken in London – halal edition. I will definitely write about vegan fried chicken. You know that the London food scene keeps evolving in all ways possible. Day after day, week after week, you can find the craziest combinations and fusions.

But it’s not all about basic halal fried chicken restaurants in London. What’s the future of halal street food like? Burgers with fruit? Chocolate with veggies? You never know. In any case, I’ll always be on the lookout for the best Korean fried chicken in London. And, of course, the best halal burgers in London!

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