Halal Korean BBQ London: The 9 Best Spots

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Halal Korean BBQ London: The 9 Best Spots

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Halal Korean BBQ London, yum. A post about the best halal restaurants in London for Korean BBQ and Korean fried chicken was much-awaited, wasn’t it? Halal Korean restaurants in London are delicious, and since there are not so many with halal Korean BBQ, I felt it was time for a new guide for you guys. There are many – many – London halal restaurants that offer delicious food.

If you’ve read some posts on The London Rack, you’ve probably come across the best halal steak in London, the best halal breakfast in London, or one of my latest posts about halal KFC London restaurants. Today, we’ll be talking about Korean halal restaurants in London where chicken, beef, and vegan dishes are all more delish than the next.

If you’re new to The London Rack, welcome to your BFF guide to London on a budget. Here, I talk mainly about four things: the best London halal restaurants, the best vegan restaurants in London, the best things to do in London on a budget, and the best activities and restaurants in terms of luxury and high end London.

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Today, we’ll be talking about halal Korean BBQ in London, so without further ado, let’s get to it!

Halal Korean BBQ London: The 9 Best Spots

If I felt like writing about the best halal Korean barbecue in London today, it’s because Korean food has that special atmosphere around it. When you’re craving some good food in London, you can go get the best halal Nandos London or the best halal steak in London. And yet, nothing comes close to the freshness and the tenderness of a proper Korean barbecue. 

With a side of fresh halal Korean Fried Chicken (the real KFC!), the restaurants I have listed make for the perfect lunch between friends or evening out with your other half. 

1. Halal Korean Restaurant London: SuperStar BBQ London

Best Halal Korean BBQ London - Halal Korean Restaurant London - London halal restaurant - Halal Food London - Korean BBQ restaurants London - Superstar BBQ Halal
Photo: Facebook

I’ve mentioned Superstar BBQ London in a previous article as one of the best halal London restaurants. It’s now time to mention it as one of the best Korean barbecue restaurants in London. Why is that? Because, first of all, Superstar BBQ is located in Central London near Tottenham Court Road. That means that you can definitely take a walk around the City, go cheap shopping in London, and then end the day with some cultural freshness in your mouth.

Superstar BBQ offers only halal chicken, yet all the ingredients are prepared separately and there is no risk of cross-contamination in the kitchen. If you want to go for lunch, you can get vegetarian or vegan bento boxes or some deep fried marinated chicken. You can even get some Korean BBQ lunch options served with rice, soup, salad, and either chicken bulgogi or spicy chicken. Yum-yummy.

For a lunch at the Korean Superstar BBQ restaurant in London, you can expect to splurge around £20 for two choices of Korean barbecue. That’s quite affordable in London, so… Of course, if you want to get some halal Korean Fried Chicken, that’s also the place! There is no wonder why Superstar BBQ is one of the most famous Korean restaurants in London – try it and you’ll know what I mean.

Superstar BBQ Halal Korean BBQ London Address: 4 Central St Giles Piazza, London WC2H 8AB

2. Korean BBQ & Vegan

Best Halal Korean BBQ London - Halal Korean Restaurant London - London halal restaurant - Halal Food London - Korean BBQ restaurants London East London Korean Halal
Photo: Deliveroo

Now, when we talk about halal restaurants in London, we do have lots of options where the restaurant is fully halal. And that’s the best, even more so when the restaurant is HMC certified.  Unfortunately, when it comes to Asian and Chinese halal restaurants mostly, it is pretty rare to find a fully halal restaurant in London. Not with Korean BBQ & vegan in East London.

This one is the authentic Korean barbecue London has been waiting for. It’s been open for quite some time and it’s 100% halal, from Korean pot soups to bulgogi chicken, beef teriyaki, and even the famous kalbi. Every main dish with meat ranges from around £13 to £17.

Let’s also remember that Korean BBQ & Vegan has plenty of vegan options. When I say plenty, I mean plenty, with at least 15 vegan options on the menu. Of course, halal Korean fried chicken and halal Korean barbecue are the main attractions of this Barbican restaurant. As usual, when you try it, you’ll understand what I mean. No pork, no alcohol – there’s only halal and vegan deliciousness in this Korean restaurant in London.

Korean BBQ & Vegan Halal Korean BBQ Address: 107 Whitecross St, London, EC1Y 8JD

3. Halal Restaurant London: Bento Bab

Photo: Uber Eats

Bento Bab is a Korean restaurant in London based around Whitechapel and Aldgate East. There, only the chicken and the beef are halal, and pork and alcohol are present on the premises.  Since 2019, Bento Bab has prepared everything from kimchi to bibimbap and kimbap, with glass noodles being one of the favorite dishes on the menu. 

The entire Bento Bab menu is refined to include Muslim consumers, and there are also vegan options to choose from if you don’t eat meat. Korean style pancakes with seafood, pumpkin mousse, seaweed, fish cakes are some of the vegan options to choose from if the beef and chicken do not appeal to you.

That would be a shame, because this halal Korean barbecue joint is one of East Londoners’ favourite restaurants. Of course, I would be a very bad Londoner if I didn’t tell you to order their halal Korean Fried Chicken at least once.

In addition, Bento Bab is close to Old Spitalfields Market, that you can visit to buy some ethnic clothes or high-end makeup from nearby Nars or Benefit. The Korean barbecue restaurant is also located close to the Whitechapel Gallery, one of the best art galleries in London. As I always say: East London all the way.

 Bento Bab Halal Korean BBQ London: 4 Commercial Street Spitalfields, London E1 6LP

4. Halal Food Central London: Arang Piccadilly Circus

Best Halal Korean BBQ London - Halal Korean Restaurant London - London halal restaurant - Halal Food London - Korean BBQ restaurants London - Arang Piccadilly Circus Halal Food
Photo: Deliveroo

Like Bento Bab, Arang Piccadilly Circus is a Korean restaurant where only the beef and the chicken are both halal. However, there is still pork available to order there. If you don’t mind, you can get lots of great food right in the center of London. That means sliced sirloin, dumplings, delicious seafood, fried rice, and many pickled vegetables. Bet you didn’t know about fried Korean pizza, right? Well you can get it at Arang.

Every single thing you’ll order from this halal Korean barbecue restaurant is to die for – no pun intended. If you’re looking for freshness and delicious meat cuts, make it your next bucket list destination. I’ve already written about the best restaurants in Piccadilly Circus, Leicester Square, and Covent Garden. I had kept this gem of Korean cuisine until now, and if you follow my advice, you’ll fall asleep with a satisfied stomach tonight.

Arang Halal Korean Restaurant London Address: 9 Golden Square, London W1F 9HZ

5. Halal Korean BBQ London: Gogi Restaurant

At Gogi Restaurant, one of the only Korean restaurants in Paddington with halal food options,  all the chicken is halal. As confirmed by owner, you can also get a halal bulgogi, barbecue and beef bibimbap in this West London Korean Bar and Grill restaurant. 

Their menu is clean and easy to understand, with the possibility to order a lunchbox prepped with spicy chicken, soy chicken and even salmon. The Gogi starters are very affordable, too, with a miso soup costing only £2.50 and roasted seaweed only £2. Their crunchy Korean Fried Chicken, obviously, is one of the best dishes you could get there. 

And since I love bao whether I go to a Vietnamese, Chinese, or Korean restaurant, I would definitely suggest to try this dish at Gogi Restaurant. The marinated meat is delicious. Plus, the fact that you are close to Little Venice makes for an even better experience when you want to go out to a halal restaurant in London. That means that after dinner, you can digest while having a little walk – and that’s romantic as heck.

Gogi Halal Korean Babecue London Address: 451 Edgware Rd, London W2 1TH

6. Halal Korean East London: Bari Bari

Best Halal Korean BBQ London - Halal Korean Restaurant London - London halal restaurant - Halal Food London - Korean BBQ restaurants London - Bari Bari
Photo: UberEats

Bari Bari in Whitechapel is one of the best halal restaurants in East London. If you didn’t think there was Korean food in East London, think again. The Whitechapel Korean restaurant has lots of delicious barbecue options, among which all chicken and beef are halal.

The restaurant describe their style as a new way of seeing Korean cuisine in East London. Of course, we’re here for halal Korean barbecue. However, even if you pick beef or chicken bulgogi, you should still definitely try some other Korean specialties. For instance, the steak  bibimbap and Korean casseroles are some of the bestselling dishes there, with good reason.

Bari Bari is one of the best London halal restaurants, all cuisines put together. It’s a small eatery, too! If you know me, you know that I love big fulfilling dishes and very small, family-run restaurants. That’s where we’re at with Bari Bari.

Bari Bari Halal Korean BBQ East London Address: 24 White Church Lane, London E1 7QR

7. Korean BBQ Dosirak

Photo: UberEats

Korean BBQ Dosirak is mainly a takeaway Korean restaurant in East London. Only chicken is halal there. However, you can still enjoy one or two dishes cooked with Korean barbecue. To be fair, it’s more of a Korean restaurant than a Korean barbecue restaurant. I still thought it would be nice to mention it because their dishes are delicious. 

The chicken teriyaki mayo, for one, is based on halal Korean Fried Chicken mixed with sweetcorn, eggs, mayo, and sweet soy sauce. If you’d like to get a side of of halal Fried Chicken, it’s very much possible. What’s awesome is that it will cost you less than a fiver. If you’re not into meat at all, though, you can get some vegan options there. Pumpkin, fried dumplings with tofu, or japchae noodles crafted from sweet potato are all sweet options to have under your teeth. 

As I said, it might not be a fully halal Korean barbecue restaurant, but the options are sweet and short. That makes Korean BBQ Dosirak one of the best London halal restaurants. Perfect when you just want to spend no frill evening out.

Korean BBQ Dosirak Halal Korean London Address: Railway Arches, Dunbridge St, London E2 6

8. Halal Korean London: Cafe Bibimbap

Now that we’ve talked about the best places for halal Korean barbecue in London, I thought it would be nice to mention two Korean restaurants in London in particular. Those definitely don’t offer halal Korean barbecue, however, their Korean menu is astonishing.

The first one is Cafe Bibimbap, opened by a Muslim Korean owner in West Ealing. Okay, that’s further from Central London. However, when you go to the Al Jazeera Mall, you’ll understand why I’ve recommended this place.

Cafe Bibimbap is a very small Korean restaurant that offers fully halal bibimbap in London. Kimchi, dumplings and more delicious Korean specialties like japchae are all available there. If you’ve never tried bibimbap, that’s definitely the halal restaurant in London you’re gonna want to run to. 

It’s fully halal, it’s fresh, it’s tangy, and the ingredients are first class deliciousness. I would even recommend getting Korean pastries and tea to round up your meal perfectly.

Café Bibimbap Halal Korean London Address: Unit 3, 88 Broadway, Ealing, London W13 0SY

9. Halal Korean London: CheeMC

Best Halal Korean BBQ London - Halal Korean Restaurant London - London halal restaurant - Halal Food London - Korean BBQ restaurants London - CheeMc
Photo: UberEats

CheeMC might not be a halal Korean barbecue restaurant in London, but this is one of the best Korean restaurants in London specialised in Korean Fried Chicken. The team claims their chicken is the greatest Korean style of Fried Chicken you will ever taste

To be fair, this restaurant neighboring Elephant and Castle does offer some of the best halal Korean Fried Chicken that London restaurants have ever seen cooked.

What I’m looking for in Korean Fried Chicken is taste, flavour, chicken quality, and tremendous spice blends. CheeMC has an entirely halal Korean Fried Chicken offer, with chicken covered with onion, soy sauce, garlic, and is even available in its naked original version. It’s literally not even missing anything when you eat it classic style. Their halal Fried Chicken is just that good.

All the chicken is halal there and you can also order classic Korean dishes, such as chicken katsu curry or ramen. All halal, all delicious in South East London. Okay, if you were looking for Korean barbecue in London, that’s definitely not the place. Yet, CheeMC deserves a mention as one of the best halal London restaurants for Korean food.

CheeMC Halal Korean London Address: 310 Walworth Road, London SE17 2NA

Halal Korean BBQ London: The 9 Best Korean Restaurants

Best Halal Korean BBQ London - Halal Korean Restaurant London - London halal restaurant - Halal Food London - Korean BBQ restaurants London
Photo: Just Eat

There you have them, the best halal Korean barbecue restaurants in London. I love Korean food whether it is Korean fried chicken or the famous barbecue that reminds me of a Harry Potter kind of cooking. It might not make sense, but it’s like the famous Vietnamese pho soup, my favourite dish in the world. I think a great part of my love for it is due to the fact that I feel like I’m preparing a potion. I feel the same everytime I eat at a Vietnamese restaurant in London or cook my own meat at a Korean BBQ. 

Mind you, a post about the best halal Vietnamese restaurants in London might very well be one of my next ones. If you want to know more about the best halal restaurants in London, go take a look at my big London Halal Food Directory. There, you’ll find the best halal Italian restaurants as well as the best halal Fried Chicken, all the posh halal restaurants in Mayfair and everything in between!

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